When we first started creating Thoughtful Ways we knew we wanted to be able to give back to organizations and charities that mean a lot to us. These charities wouldn't be able to do the amazing work that they do if it wasn't for donations from the public. Being able to give 5% of our profits to a number of charities is something we pride ourselves on.

How the charity scheme works:

There are 4 different categories of charities, each charity getting 3 months of the years profit donated with it then switching to the next charity. In total 4 charities each getting a percentage of 3 months of profit that year being donated to them. 

The 4 charity areas and why we have chosen them:

  • Environmental- this comes with out saying that the environment is why our business does what it does so we couldn't not include them. The charities we choose in this field will be doing work that aims to help bring our environment back to a healthy state and keep it that way. 
  • Animals- we have a huge love for animals and understand that their lives aren't always happy and safe, the charities we choose are fighting for the rights of animals and do incredible work in the fight for their freedom.
  • Mental health- as someone who has severely struggled with their mental health and understands the importance of mental health charities and their support for people struggling, I really wanted to give back to them.
  • LGBTQIA+ - being a proud queer woman in todays society can be frightening with the still apparent homophobia that people in the community face. There are many charities standing up for our rights and fighting for equality and providing the public with the correct information to help break the stigma. 

One charity from each category gets it's 3 month percentage and then once the year has finished it starts again with another charity but still from the 4 categories. 

Within 5 years we will have donated to 5 environmental charities, 5 animal charities, 5 mental health charities and 5 LGBTQIA+ charities. We really do hope this helps them continue the important work they carry out. 

To find out which charity your orders will be helping, go to our social media pages where we will tell you all about why we chose them.