Meet The Team

Thoughtful Ways is a one woman band. Founded and run by Lydia, I am proud to be a women running my own business. If you are ever wondering who packaged your order, sourced the products, launches campaigns, created the website or replied to your comment it will be me. Monty our Thoughtful Ways resident is always eager to help even if it does consist of snoring and stretching, I would be lonely with out him. At Thoughtful Ways I have so many ideas and plans that I would love you to be a part of. This is only the start, our journey and adventure continues.


Lydia (she/her), Founder of Thoughtful Ways

'I can't quite believe Thoughtful Ways has gone from a dream in my head to an idea on paper to now a real business, it blows my mind each and every day. I am so grateful to get to do what I love everyday at 20 and it's only just the start. 

I have always had a passion for animals and the environment but it definately increased when I became vegan back in 2019. It opened my eyes to not only the devastating meat and diary industry but also climate change and the ever declining environment. As I researched into this area it was like a domino effect, I learned more and more facts and information about how damaged our environment is. This then lead me to make more conscious changes in my life, starting with a bamboo toothbrush and a reusable water bottle. Now 2 years later and I no longer use plastic and shop small businesses over 'mainstream stores'. 

I was now buying all my products from small individual companies but started to realize that the postage costs were mounting up. I would buy a shampoo bar from one store, a bamboo toothbrush from another, a reusable pad from another and a plastic free toothpaste from another store, I would be spending an extra £12 on postage each time. This is how the idea of a store that sold all of my favorite products in one spot began, the rest is history as they say....

I am proud to own a vegan, woman and LGBTQIA+ run business.

I cannot thank you enough for joining Thoughtful Ways and the mission we are trying to achieve. You truly are an eco hero!'



Monty, Thoughtful Way Resident!

'I may not do all the things Lydia does but I do provide the entertainment and company. I require occasional cuddles and treats throughout the day and I do appreciate my sleep. 

I enjoy long walks, toast, oatie biscuits and stealing everyone's socks right off their feet. I am a good boy I promise.'