Our Ethos

At Thoughtful Ways we knew from the start that the things we believed in were at the core of our business. We are passionate about being as thoughtful as we can, being transparent for our customers to see.

The ethos that we stand by;

  • Vegan- Our business is vegan owned so the vegan principles are a strong driving force for the business. Everyone of our products we sell will ALWAYS be vegan, not only our products but our packaging will be vegan too. We believe that every animal should be free and treated with compassion and respect. As part of our charity scheme a proportion of our profits will go to a animal charity who are doing such important work for all creatures.
  • Cruelty Free- We do not supply brands that test their products on animals, with that being said we make sure that every aspect of a product is cruelty free. Making sure that the ingredients were not tested of animals, the packaging and all aspects of the products have come from animal slave free distributors. 
  • Natural- Our products are always 100% natural. We also look out for organic products and ingredients too. Having natural products means your not inhaling all the nasties that come with 'big brands'. The benefits for natural over chemical products are endless.
  • Zero Waste- All products are zero waste, these include, glass, paper, compostable and metal over plastic. Your products are sent out to you with compostable newspaper that is rescued and reused from my neighbour, plastic free bubble wrap if needed, is made from recycled materials, we use compostable tape to secure our recycled postal boxes. All products that are sent to us are plastic free. At Thoughtful Ways we are always actively trying to improve our business to make it the most sustainable it can be, that's why we are a transparent and honest business showing our customers how we operate to fulfill our sustainability promises.
  • Small British Brands- We supply products made in the UK by British brands and believe in small independent brands being the way forward. This reduces our carbon footprint at TW, we do not ship abroad to cut down on our emissions. 
  • Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing- Un-ethical practices do not belong at TW, we make sure our products and suppliers are free from slavery, fair trade, women's rights, LGBTQIA friendly, and diverse. Social justice is another important factor in our business. For ingredients we make sure products are palm oil free, organic and fair-trade cotton, coconut oil is fair-trade and not picked by monkeys.


Thoughtful Ways is always looking out for ways that our business can improve and contribute to social and environmental change. If you do have any ideas on ways we can improve we are always more than happy to discuss this, please email us on thoughtfulwaysuk@gmail.com with your suggestions.