Our packaging is eco friendly and plastic free to make your lovely sustainable goodies arrive at your door just as environmentally conscious as the products inside. Even though our packaging is sustainable and we try to use as little as possible we still want it to look nice, we hope we have achieved this. 

We use 5 main elements to our packaging:

  1. Postal boxes- our postal boxes are made from recycled materials and are 100% FSC. We always recommend reusing them for your own use whether that is posting something yourself, a canvas for your children to paint on, or a DIY project. When you have finished with the boxes, they are fully recyclable so can be recycled at home or can be composted on your compost, just make sure to tear the box into little pieces. 
  2. Paper tape- our paper tape is a great alternative to plastic sellotape. It is 100% compostable and recyclable. 
  3. Paper bubble wrap- our paper bubble wrap is completely plastic free. We only use it when we are posting something rather delicate that needs a bit more protection. The paper is made up from recycled and biodegradable materials and can be composted at home if torn up small. 
  4. Newspaper- our newspaper is the main packaging in the box. Your products are placed in the middle of it and the newspaper is placed around it to secure them. My next door neighbour buys a newspaper every day, I save them and use them for our packaging. Newspaper is compostable. It is great because it adds lots of great carbon to a compost, soaking up excess moisture and if they’re scrunched up, helping air circulate in the heap and prevent it from becoming too compact.
  5. Thank you cards and Business Cards- we wanted to have thank you and business cards in our orders but we wanted to make sure they still fitted in with our ethics. All cards are made in the UK from recycled paper. The cards can be home composted. The ink used is vegan. Some other great things about the business that supply our cards;

  • 100% Renewable Electricity with E.ON UK
  • Paperless billing and internal management
  • Ethically sourced tea, coffee and general consumables like toilet paper and soap
  • Energy conservation (timed lights and heating)
  • Local suppliers from London and the South East of England

We reuse any packaging we get our products delivered in and take any other plastic free packaging from friends and family who are not going to use it. If you do get any of these or any that are not on the above list, they are rescued/reused but will always be plastic free.