About Us

Thoughtful Ways is a hub for all things zero waste and vegan. Our store is a place you can find eco friendly alternatives to everyday products and fulfil your journey to a kinder way of living. All our products are vegan, cruelty free, natural, sustainable and plastic free, they have been carefully selected from small independent UK businesses. All of our packaging is plastic free and our products are shipped to us plastic free so there really is no plastic involved.

We pride ourselves on being a vegan owned business as well as being women and LGBTQIA+ owned. We are passionate about diversity and social change so we are always on the look out for more small eco business owners that are LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and disability owned so we can stock their products. 

As well as supplying wonderful products we are very active on our social media platforms, sharing tips and tricks, videos, recipes, environmental campaigns and much more. We would love it if you popped on and said hi. 

We are always trying to improve and explore ways to make our business more sustainable. One thing we decided from the get go was that we are only shipping to the UK to keep our carbon emissions low. We actively make sure that our business from every aspect is the best it can be. 

We hope to grow and bring more everyday essentials right to your door. We couldn't do what we are doing without the support of each and everyone one of you. Whether its a like of a post, a first order or a 10th order, we are unbelievably grateful for your support and love. 

We will make change, together for the better.